Thursday, May 29, 2008

More economic issues

British PM warns of global oil 'shock'...

OPEC says oil should be $60/$70 barrel...

America's Money: Debt crush: Americans deep in debt are struggling more than ever amid the credit crisis and economic downturn.

Rising Prices Hit Home For Food Stamp Recipients: At a time when food prices are soaring, a growing number of Americans are struggling financially and local social service agencies are seeing record numbers of applicants, advocates are concerned that the purchasing power of food stamps has shrunk since 1996, when Congress recalculated benefit levels.

Food banks face high costs but feeding more people: Like nearly a third of the first 50 customers to arrive at the Emergency Food Bank of Stockton that morning, Hoffman was new to the pantry. But since she lost her sales job at a local newspaper in December, she has not found work in Stockton, which has the highest foreclosure rate in the country and a hurting job market

Fed Assets Running Dry?

Surviving The Coming Inflationary Debacle

US Home Prices Fall Record 14.1% In 1st Q

US Housing Drops Further - Down 14.4% In March

Germany Joins Call For Oil Speculators BAN

UK House Prices Fall - Buyers /Go On Strike'

George Soros - Rocketing Oil Is A Bubble

EU Trade War With US Looms Over Biofuel

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