Saturday, August 30, 2008

more economic troubles.


BANK OF NY MELLON data breach affects 12.5 million...

Super Imperialism

Mike Whitney Interviews Michael Hudson

"Dollar hegemony enables the US to own indirectly but essentially the entire global economy by requiring its wealth to be denominated in fiat dollars that the US can print at will with little in the way of monetary penalties. Continue

Bank of China flees Fannie-Freddie

By Saskia Scholtes in New York and James Politi in Washington

Bank of China has cut its portfolio of securities issued or guaranteed by troubled US mortgage financiers Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac by a quarter since the end of June. Continue

U.S., Europe, Japan Devised Plan to Prop Up Dollar, Nikkei Says: Finance officials from the U.S., Japan and Europe in mid-March drew up plans to strengthen the U.S. dollar following troubles at Bear Stearns Cos., Nikkei English News reported, citing unnamed sources.

FDIC announces 10th bank failure of the year: Georgia's Integrity Bank is closed by state regulators. FDIC is named receiver and branches will reopen as Regions Bank.

Another Friday, Another Bank Fails

UK Unemployment 2 Million By Christmas?

Credit Crunch - 'Just The End Of The Beginning'

Economic Depression - Who Will Suffer Least?

New Credit Hurdle Looms For Banks

World's Largest Gold Refiner Runs Out

Is Your Bank About To Implode?

FDIC Will Need Half A TRILLION Dollars

Surge In US Foreclosures Spreads Past Subprimes

ConocoPhillips Sells Its 600 Gasoline Stations

How Nixon 'Goldfingered' The World - Part 1

US Dems Should Read American Monetary Act

US War-Mongering In Georgia

Massive Gold Price Manipulation In The US?

Fannie PR - Moving The Deck Chairs On The Titanic

FDIC - 117 Banks In Trouble

US House Prices Fall Record 15%

The US Is The Next Argentina

Stagflation Becoming Economic Reality

UK Idiotic Tax Policy Demolishes Properties

UK Builder Takes $3B Loss As Values Slashed

FDIC Admits Short-Term Loans Might Be Needed

FHA Lending - Next Disaster...A Work In Progress

Laughable Efforts To Save Citi The Needed Billions?

Good News - Fannie, Freddie Safe Till Year End

Global Consensus On Trade Unravelling

UK Mrtge Approvals Down 65% In Year

Beijing Swells Dollar Reserves Thru Stealth

US $ Supply - Sharpest Contraction In Mod History

FBI/DoJ Saw Mtge Crisis Coming

Rapid Dollar Rise May Endanger US, World Econ

Gold - The Good News And The Bad

Buffett - 'Game Over For Freddie & Fannie

American Real Estate Crash - Slideshow

Gold Reserves More Important Than Ever

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