Friday, October 17, 2008

More economic issues

Oil below $70...
*OPEC calls emergency meeting...

Who Cares about Omar Khadr ?

By Debbie Menon

The case against him is insane. - He is a child soldier, which means he is a victim of war not a war criminal.

Additional Thoughts on the Bailout

"We hang the petty thieves and appoint the great ones to public office" - Aesop

By Paul Craig Roberts

Just as the Bush regime’s wars have been used to pour billions of dollars into the pockets of its military-security donor base, the Paulson bailout looks like a Bush regime scheme to incur $700 billion in new public debt in order to transfer the money into the coffers of its financial donor base. Continue

The End of Friedmanite Economics

By Mike Whitney

"We are in the midst of a major historic turning point, equivalent to the emergence of neoliberalism under Thatcher and Reagan" (interview with economist Robert Pollin)

Capitalism Without Capital?

By Ron Paul

Not only is our nation on the verge of bankruptcy, but so are its people and private institutions. We are now repeatedly hearing about businesses “needing to access the credit market to make payroll.” This is an unmistakable sign of more dire consequences ahead for the economy. Continue

Americans Unwilling to Face Reality

By John R. MacArthur

Even with all the frenzied commentary about the credit crisis now choking the media (while the financial geniuses assembled at the corner of Wall and K Streets scramble to save their hides), I’m struck more by what’s not being said than what is. - Where, for example, is the voice of organized labor? Continue

The American Way of Life is Dead…

By Stanislav Mishin

he era of the dollar is over and with it US power. The dollar has been in a steady free fall for the better of the past 6 years, faster than the steady decline of the preceding 30 years. How is it, that with a prolonged war, costing close to $1 trillion, no new taxes have been raised? Well, that's what printing presses are for and why since 2004, the Fed has stopped issuing the M3 report. Continue

“Working Poor”

Nearly 30% of US Families Subsist on Poverty Wages

By Tom Eley

A report released Tuesday by the Working Poor Families Project reveals that more than 28 percent of American families with one or both parents employed are living in poverty. Continue

Home Prices Seem Far From Bottom : Home prices across much of the country are likely to fall through late 2009, economists say, and in some markets the trend could last even longer depending on the severity of the anticipated recession.

Birmingham on the brink (of bankruptcy): With $3.2 billion in debt, the county that is home to Alabama's largest city is about to go bust. How the credit crisis went South.

As crisis bites, more Americans turn to food stamps: While penny-pinching among the wealthy may help draw attention to poverty issues, living on food stamps is a devastating reality for millions of Americans -- and the numbers are growing to alarming levels.

As Budgets Tighten, More People Decide Medical Care Can Wait: To monitor the multiple sclerosis attacking Ann Pietrangelo's central nervous system, her doctor recommends an annual MRI. Last year, the 49-year-old Winchester, Va., woman had to pay a $3,000 co-payment to get the imaging done.

JP Morgan Caused US Financial Destruction

Banks Borrowing $437 Billion Per Day From Fed

Recession Coming Despite Global Intervention

DOW Up Nearly 400 In Extremely Volatile Trading

Kidd - The Final Looting Of America

The 30 Year Lie Of The Market Cult

Markets Slump As World Girds For Recession

Japan Dismisses US Bailout As 'Insufficient'

UBS And Credit Suisse Bailed Out

Merkel - World Faces Biggest Crisis Ssince 1920s

Oil Price Hits 15 Month Low - Under $68

Stock Market Crash Alert!

US Forcing Banks To Resume Lending

Oil Drops To $69 A Barrel

The $600 Trillion Derivatives Emergency Meeting

Dow Drops 300 More To Start The Day

Cracks In Rescue Armor As Nightmare Continues

Paulson Plan Puts Banks 1st, Taxpayers 2nd

Hedge Funds Want Freeing Of Lehman Assets

Surprise (Not) - The Global Bailout Failed

Greenspan, Rubin, Summers Support For Derivatives

Taiwan Stocks Drops - Ignore US Govt 'Bailout'

Zurich Bank's Vault Full To The Brim With Gold

US Stocks Plunge Most Since Crash Of '87

Not Enough $$$ In The World To Fix Things

Financial Crisis = Birth Pains Of A New Currency

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