Friday, July 10, 2009

More economic issues


AIG Preparing to Pay New Round of Bonuses...

China passes USA auto market in first-half sales...

Growing trade partner in Latin America...

US slips, China soars in Fortune company rankings...

Health bill? Billions for parks, paths, farmers' markets...

Dems sweating small stuff...

Food Nanny: Feds to oversee school snack food...
Budget Cuts May Force Illinois To Free 10,000 Prisoners...

Are Our Markets Being Manipulated By "Rogues" Or Firms?

By Danny Schechter

There’s New Evidence to Suggest that Crime In The Financial Markets is Rife. Continue

The Great American Bubble Machine

By Matt Taibbi

All that money that you're losing, it's going somewhere, and in both a literal and a figurative sense, Goldman Sachs is where it's going: The bank is a huge, highly sophisticated engine for converting the useful, deployed wealth of society into the least useful, most wasteful and insoluble substance on Earth - pure profit for rich individuals. Continue

FBI: Mortgage fraud on the rise: Mortgage fraud is increasing throughout the U.S., as distressed homeowners look for answers to troubled mortgages and find little help from their banks, according to a new FBI report.

The Top 10 Mortgage Fraud States For 2008: Here's a look at the top 10 mortgage fraud states for 2008:

13 Real Estate Professionals Are Indicted on Mortgage Fraud Charges: The 13, employed in nearly every profession in the real estate industry — including lawyers, real estate agents, appraisers and bank workers — were accused of participating in 19 sham real estate transactions.

AIG Seeks OK For Another Round Of Bonuses!

Fed Warns Congress Again To Stay Away...

G8 Leaders Fear Double Dip Slump

IMF - World Is Pulling Out Of Recession (right)

Shipping Flashes Early Warning Signals Again

Not The Bullish G8 Leaders Wanted

BoE To Get UK Financial Super-Regulator Power

UK Energy Crunch As North Sea Oil, Gas Cash Dry Up

When Recovery Comes, It Won't Feel Like One

BoE To Pump Billions More Into Economy

Nearly 50,000 Empty Spots In Universities

Designed Suit Stockbroker Jumps After Sipping Champagne

Hedge Funds Law Will 'Strangle' City Of London

Six Charged In US With Boiler Room Fraud

Goldman Could Lose Millions From Code Theft

The Man Who Crashed The World

Proprietary Trading May Cause October Crash

Recession May Trigger Housing Crisis

$400B SIV Market Sold Off In Two Years

US Vows Crack Down On Oil Price Speculators

Oil Price Spike Coming?

Shares Fall On Tumbling Oil

Economists Dash Hopes Of UK Recession End

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