Tuesday, July 14, 2009

More economic issues

Budget deficit tops $1 trillion for first time...

June budget gap $94.32 billion...

Feds mulling mortgage aid for unemployed...
ZUCKERMAN: The Economy Is Even Worse Than You Think...

GOLDMAN executives sold $700m of stock; Selling surge came amid bailout...

Congressman Mark Kirk: China to Buy $80 Billion Worth of Gold


Congressman Mark Kirk explains in detail China's behind the scenes thinking about the dollar. Hint: They are going to buy two Forth Knox's worth of gold.

Crystal Ball Gazing
The Future Is Deflation

By Mike Whitney

The US consumer, long considered an inexhaustible resource, is tapped out. Without job security and access to easy credit; consumer spending will slow, prices will fall, demand will flag and the economy will tank. There won't be a recovery.

"We're The Counterfeiters Of The World"

By Ron Paul - Video

The dollar now is worth 4 cents in comparison to what it was worth in 1913 when the FED was established.

Geithner to Reassure Gulf Allies on Dollar Assets: - Treasury Secretary Timothy Geithner will seek to reassure Gulf Arab states this week that U.S. dollar assets they hold in large quantities remain a strong investment.

Federal Deficit Tops $1 Trillion, $2 Trillion By Fall

CA Bankruptcy May Give US Big Trouble

Barky May Tax Rich To Pay For Healthcare

CA Poised To Shut Down Parks

Goldman Results May Signal Return Of Big Pay

Europe Digs Its Economic Grave

Pensions Experts Predict 'Horrific News' On Funds

UK Govt Has Lost £10.9b On RBS And Lloyds

£1,000 Loss Per Household For Bank Bailouts

Britons To Be Poorer In Coming Decades

Penniless And Bankrupt...California Issues IOUs

Major Banks Refuse California IOUs

Obama's 'Cures' May Kill Any 'Recovery'

UK Can't Afford Another Fiscal Rescue

Lloyds Braced For £13b Loss

Goldman Bankers Defy Gloom With Bonus Bonanza

53rd US Bank Failure This Year

Oil Drops Below $60

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