Friday, April 25, 2008

More economic issues

UPDATE: MICROSOFT Earnings Decline 11%; Concern about slowdown...

Brazil Oil Finds 'May End Reliance on Middle East'...

STUDY: Oil prices to double in next 4 years...

Gas pumps closed to protest prices...

New home sales plunge to lowest level in 16 1/2 years...

Subsidizing Corporate Crime and Rewarding Constitutional Abuses

By Shahid Buttar

Government handouts to corporations might seem untenable at a time when more and more Americans suffer every day from the impacts of a mounting economic crisis. Yet efforts to bolster the economy have largely taken the form of corporate welfare — much like an appalling effort, in the closing days of the Bush administration, to subsidize corporate violations of the rule of law and individual liberties.

General Dynamics' Profit Rises 32 Percent: General Dynamics said its earnings were up 32 percent in the first quarter, helped by increased sales in its divisions that make tanks, armored vehicles and other equipment.

Barack Obama still takes in oil money: The Illinois Democrat received $46,000 in donations from executives and workers last month. In a campaign ad, he said he took no money from oil companies.

US new home sales at 16-year-low : The median price of a home was down 13.3% from March 2007, which is the biggest fall since July 1970.

BoE Choice - Housing Crash Or Soaring Inflation?

Credit Suisse Falls Into Red On $5.2B Loss

UK Mortgage Approvals Slump 46%

'Gold Is A Currency That Will Go To $1650'

Gold Extends Losses On 'Stable' Dollar

US Regulator Fear Waves Of Ban Failures

Oil Price Surges Warns Of Global Recession

UK Mortgage Approvals Hit Record Low

Era Of Cheap Food Ends As Prices Surge

BoE $100B Bailout Fails To Unlock Money Markets

In The Eye Of The Housing Hurricane

Saudis Put Oil Production Increase On Hold

No Help Yet For Most Subprime Borrowers

JP Morgan Sees $75B Gap In Big 4 UK banks

RBS Unveils $24B Fundraising Plan

Mortgage Rates Stay High After BoE $100B Rescue

Credit Crisis Turns Into Credit Armageddon

Gas Hits Record $3.50 - Oil Rockets Over $117

77% First Quarter Bank Of America Profit Drop

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