Monday, April 28, 2008

More economic issues

Private-Jet Fuel Taxes Rise 65% in Senate Accord...

Why the U.S. Has Gone Broke

By Chalmers Johnson

Our short tenure as the world's lone superpower has come to an end. Continue

Food Crisis Needs Aid on Scale of Tsunami to Avert Famine

By Ben Russell

Pressure for international action to combat the "silent tsunami" of the global food crisis intensified amid warnings that spiralling prices meant more than 100 million people could be plunged into hunger. Continue

Winners and losers in land of starving billionaires: Over the past week the black-market exchange rate for the Zimbabwe dollar has plummeted against sterling, from about Z$90m to the pound to Z$190m. The largest bank note in the country is worth about 25p. No wonder Zimbabweans call themselves starving billionaires.

Many states appear to be in recession: The finances of many states have deteriorated so badly that they appear to be in a recession, regardless of whether that's true for the nation as a whole, a survey of all 50 state fiscal directors concludes.

What Happened?: My Parents Managed to Raise Two Kids on One Salary. That's Impossible Today

US Won't 'Recover' For 2 Yrs - Canada Faces Crisis

UK Biggest Banks Use Astrology To Play Markets

Many States Appear To Be In Recession

1977 Greenspan Doctoral Thesis & Housing Bubbles

Prosecute The Mortgage Sharks

BoE Choice - Housing Crash Or Soaring Inflation?

Credit Suisse Falls Into Red On $5.2B Loss

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