Tuesday, October 07, 2008

More economic issues

Bush: 'It's going to take awhile'...
Pope says world financial system is 'built on sand'...
STAMPEDE AT NBC: Jim Cramer warns investments could lose 20% of value...
FLOOD AT FED: Doubles Cash Sales to $900 Billion...
MARKET MAYHEM: London suffers sharpest fall since '87...
Gunman kills self, five kin over financial woes in L.A....


LEHMAN's Fuld: Where was our bailout?...


PAPER: 'We risk a disintegration of global finance within days'...

Germany considers national financial 'shield'...

Asian markets plunge on fears crisis is spreading...


Oil falls below $89...

Pope: Financial crisis shows futility of money...

French Premier Francois Fillon:

We're on "The Edge of The Abyss”

By Mike Whitney

People are scared and removing their money from the banks and money markets which is intensifying the freeze in the credit markets and driving stocks into the ground like a tent stake. Meanwhile, our leaders are "caught in the headlights", still believing they can "finesse" their way through the biggest economic cataclysm since the Great Depression. It's madness. Continue

Down the Road to Serfdom

By Ann Berg

So here we are: a phony monetary system, $3 trillion wasted on wars, and a citizenry mired in debt. And what does Congress do? It adds more debt – a trillion dollars, just for starters, since once starting down this slippery slope, it won't be able to stop. Continue

It's a Worldwide Crash

By Jim Cramer

We know the truth now. The Fed has been put out to pasture, a victim of being theoretical, not practical, an organization that simply didn't take seriously those of us who warned them in person and on TV. Continue

The End of American Hegemony

By Paul Craig Roberts

Bush’s wars and economic policies are destroying the basis of the US dollar as reserve currency. The day the dollar loses its reserve currency role, the US government cannot pay its bills in its own currency. The result will be a dramatic reduction in US living standards. Continue

Financial crisis: Stock market suffers its worst fall in history: The UK stock market has suffered its worst one-day fall in history as the banking crisis intensified.

Global markets in meltdown as London and New York shares plunge to four-year low: London shares had £100bn wiped off their value today in the biggest ever fall as the bank crisis swept around the world. The FTSE-100, which had at one point collapsed by 430 points or nearly 9%, closed 391.1 down at 4,589.2.

Worst-case scenario is approaching rapidly: The credit crisis, which has been building slowly for the past year, is now moving so fast that governments around the world are finding it impossible to keep pace.

Credit doors are closing : A crucial source of financing for companies and banks is making some ominous grinding sounds. The market for commercial paper, which is high-quality, short-term debt, shrank by a record $95 billion last week, to $1.6 trillion, according to the U.S. Federal Reserve. That's down from nearly $2 trillion before the credit crunch.

Full of Doubts, U.S. Shoppers Cut Spending: Cowed by the financial crisis, American consumers are pulling back on their spending, all but guaranteeing that the economic situation will get worse before it gets better.

Stricken Iceland Sends Out Desperate SOS

Iceland Sinking As Bank Rescues Evaporate

Trading In Icelandic Banks Halted

Savers Frozen Out As IceSave Website Collapses

US Economy Collapsing - Vid

Crude Oil Down 40% - Gas ONLY Down 15%

Oil Drops 6% To Below $88

BofA Profits Drop 68%

Dow Cuts 800 Pt Loss In Half - Closes At 9,995

Fed Ups Credit Available To US Banks By $900B

London Market Suffers Worst Fall In History

Euro Stocks In Biggest Fall Since 1987

Paul - Bailout Is New Taxes...Should Not Come From Senate

Dow Falls Below 10,000

Paulson 1 Month Left To Get US Bank Lending Again

3 More EU Countries Pledge 100% Savings Guarantee

London Plunges - Banks Pour Billions Into Markets

Iceland Sinking As Bank Rescues Evaporate

The $4 Trillion Question For British Economy

Germany In Hot Seat As Europe Falls Into Abyss

Crisis As Euro And Pound Dive As Europe's Banks Falter

Asian Markets Dive On Fear Crisis Is Spreading

The Dollar Is Doomed

Why Paulson's Plan Is A Fraud

Lessons From The Collapse Of Wall Street

Beltway Terrorists Launch Economic 9/11

Euro Crisis Deepens - Officials Vow To Save Banks

Euro Unity Collapses - Every Country For Itself

Now Wall Street May Refuse The Bailout

Bailout Betrayal - The Death Of Democracy

Hawaii Rep A Liar - Betrays Constituency On Bailout

Bailout May Actually Run To $1.8 Trillion

Chapman - Bailout Black Hole To Suck Us All In

'Bailout' The Worst Bill Ever Passed In History

$400B Sent To Israel Ahead Of Lehman BK

JP Morgan Brought Down Lehman Brothers

Europe Calls For Global Summit On Bank Crisis

Another Huge Euro Bank Ready To Collapse

How US 'Bailout' Grew Bigger And Bigger

Next - The Mother Of All Bank Runs?

Schwarzenegger Wants His Own $7B Bailout!

'Asset Management' Teams To Manage 'Bailout'

Bailout Has Built-In Rollover Loophole

Employers Cut Most Jobs Since 2003

Well Fargo Buys Wachovia For $15B

$700 Billion Bailout Becomes $850B Rescue

US Banks Borrow Record Amount From Fed

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