Saturday, October 11, 2008

more economic troubles.

DOW LOSES 18%...
Crisis becomes global crash...


White House dismisses...

Black Friday?

By Mike Whitney

Panic has spread to stock markets around the world. A massive sell-off, which began when Henry Paulson announced a $700 billion bailout for the banking system, has turned into a global stampede.

A Solution?

By Paul Craig Roberts

Does the US have the leadership to realize the problem and to deal with it?

How to Save the U.S. Economy

By Richard C. Cook

Everything being suggested by the Obama/McCain campaigns is based on the failed Keynesian formula.

Who owns the IMF?: The International Monetary Fund could be a vital institution in the global economy – but only if reformed to reflect new realities

Indonesian stock exchange halted indefinitely: The president of the Indonesian stock exchange says trading will be suspended indefinitely "to prevent deeper panic" after another huge drop on Wall Street.

Russia's Crash `Pretty Much the Same' as 1929, Micex Chief Says: The 67 percent decline in Russian equities this year resembles the U.S. stock market crash of 1929 because of the damaging effect of highly leveraged investors, the head of Russia's Micex Stock Exchange said.

Russian President Endorses Emergency G8 Summit; Russian President Dmitry Medvedev Friday endorsed the idea of an emergency Group of Eight summit on the global financial crisis but insisted on major developing countries such as China and India being included.

Putin: US image damaged forever over economy woes: - The financial crisis has irreparably damaged the image of the U.S. as the leader of the free world and the global economy, Russian Prime Minister Vladimir Putin said Thursday.

Financial Crisis: Gordon Brown demands £20 bn 'British money' from Iceland: The Prime Minister said Britain would seize the assets of Icelandic companies and take “further action against the authorities” over the collapse of the island’s banks.

Selling frenzy persists as gobal stocks dive: Global stocks dove head first to five-year lows on Friday at the end of a brutal week as even the traditional safe-havens of gold and government bonds suffered as fear-stricken investors sought refuge in cash.

U.S. Weighs Backing Bank Debt: Removing Deposit Insurance Limits Also on the Table

General Motors' market cap plunges to 1929 level; Stocks fall in Europe and US: General Motors shares have fallen 13% and the market capitalisation is down to the level it was at in March 1929 - at about $4 billion. It had a market cap of $52 billion in 2000. The stock has fallen 45% in the last month.

The current financial crisis is only the beginning: One could argue that the banking crisis is just the cold sweat, not the flu that follows it.

China Stiffs America For $100B In Debt

Germans Stockpiling Gold Amid Market Panic

US Stocks Drop In Rollercoaster Session

Dow Off 128 On The Day - 8 Day Losses Almost 2,400

GM, Ford May Face Bankruptcy

World Bank Under Cyber Siege - 'Unprecedented Crisis'

Global Stock Selloff - Markets Plummet

Stocks Extend Huge Losses To 8th Straight Day

'Experts' Didn't See Crisis Soaring Deficits, Debt?

CITI Ends Pursuit Of Wachovia

Wall St Opens With 678 Loss, Recovers, Drops Again

Japan In Biggest Stock Drop In 20 Years

London - Worst Ever Opening As World Markets Slide

Asian Stocks Plunge Again - Crisis Deepens

Now It All Makes Sense

Celente - Bailout A Bust - Depression To Follow

Vote Congressional Bailout Criminals OUT!

Dollar Libor Jumps To New Credit Crisis Extreme

LIBOR Interbank Money Market Earthquake

US Dragging The World Into A Great Depression

Credit Crisis Commercial Paper Disaster

Panicked Investors Drive Dow Below 8,700

Record $72B In Mutual Fund Withdrawals In Sept

Stocks Plunge 600 Points, Now Below 9,000

GM Shares Hit Lowest Level Since 1950

CEOs Took Home Mega Millions In 'Salaries'

AIG Planned Another Event For Brokers!

IMF - Risk Of A World Depression Nearly Nil

Medvedev Calls For Europe To Freeze Out US

Bernanke, Paulson Seek Global Help - Crisis Swamps US

What Is The LIBOR?

Libor Holds Central Banks Hostage

Libor $ Rate Highest In Year - Credit Stays Frozen

Fear Tops Greed - Market Woes Paralyze Economies

Who Is Going To Bail Out The Euro?

Coming Next - Inflation

Paulson Says More Banks, Businesses Will Fail

3 Asian Central Banks Slash Interest Rates

3rd Iceland Bank Fails - Iceland Debts 12x GDP

'Major Global Downturn' Says IMF

The Fed Now Owns AIG - But Who Owns the Fed?"

Surprise (Not) $85B AIG Bailout Jumps To $122B

MetLife Tanks 26% - BofA Falls After Offering Priced

US Sept Sales Warn Of 'Lump Of Coal' Christmas

ECB Cash Flood - More Cuts Possible

German 'FDIC' May Not Cover UK Depositors

The Quickening Economic Crisis

ECB Sees Crisis Of 'Enormous Proportions'

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