Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Devil in the Details: Martin’s Big Media Giveaway

Devil in the Details: Martin’s Big Media Giveaway

Today, Free Press released Devil in the Details, a report exposing what FCC Chairman Kevin Martin is hiding from the public about his recent proposal to lift the longstanding ban on “newspaper/broadcast cross-ownership.”

Using a carefully crafted PR campaign — including an op-ed in the New York Times — Martin has portrayed his proposal as a “moderate compromise” that would only allow one company to own both a daily newspaper and a broadcast TV or radio station in the 20 largest media markets.

But Devil in the Details exposes how the loose and ambiguous “waiver” standard proposed by Martin creates a giant loophole for big media companies to sidestep the ban in any market and for any station.

Martin’s rhetoric can’t match the reality that his plan is nothing more than a massive giveaway to the largest media companies.

You can read the full report here:

And we’ll be counting down the “10 facts Kevin Martin doesn’t want you to know about his new media ownership rules” each day for the next two weeks.

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