Monday, April 20, 2009

More economic issues


Back door to nationalization? Government could become largest shareholder in several banks... Developing...

FT: Feds to put conditions on loan repayments...

Regulators Clash on How to Release Banks Results Without Damage...

...'stress tests' already causing stress

Cash-rich China courts the Caspian

By M K Bhadrakumar

China's prospects as the first major economy to recover gives it a crucial role to lead the world economy as a whole and the Central Asian region in particular. Following up on a $25 billion loan to Russia that China dished out in February, it has agreed to lend $10 billion to Kazakhstan. China expects both the recipients to reciprocate by bolstering their energy supplies to China. Continue

China buys less U.S. debt as reserve growth slows: China is buying fewer U.S. government securities than in earlier years and has shifted away from long-term bonds and securities issued by troubled mortgage giants Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac. But analysts said the reduced overall purchases are because China's foreign exchange reserves are growing more slowly

Admin To Take Aim At Credit Card Companies

Pop Went The Profit Bubble

The Man Who Figured Out Business Cycles

Why A 50% Housing Drop Is Not The Bottom

Give Bankers £1.3T - Not Even A Thank You

Full Nationalisation Of Ireland's Banks Urged

Google Avoids £100m UK Tax

UK Budget Earmarks More Cash For Banks

Thin Ice From Here To The Horizon

Banks Must Brace For Huge New Losses

Wall St Fear Grows Over Bank Stress Tests

Wall St Wounded Ghana - IMF Could Make It Worse

General Electric Profits Plunge By 1/3

US Clutches At Straws Of Recovery

UK To Post List Of Biggest Tax Evaders

UK Skate Body Aids Short-Selling Of Banks

Welcome To Pay Cut Britain

Richest Russia Oligarchs Lose 70% In One Year

Japan Plans Emergency Share Purchases

Goldman Rules For Mastering The Universe

Int'l Monetary System Breakdown Underway

IMF Warns Of Parallels To Great Depression

IMF Predicts Long, Deep World Recession

Sony Ericsson, Toshiba To Cut 6,000 Jobs

China Throws Kazakhstan Lifeline

Japan Unveils Share Price Emergency Plan

Pakistan Secures $5B In Fresh Aid

Foreclosures Hit Record Levels - Haven't Peaked

Stiglitz - Obama's Wall Street Ties Doom Rescue

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