Sunday, April 26, 2009

More economic troubles.

US, China to sign billions in business deals Monday...

CREDIT SUISSE warns of 'excessive' state action...

Banks May Struggle After 'Stress Tests'; Bad Assets Triple...

Finance officials at odds over IMF funding plan...
Italy's Mafia thrives in global financial meltdown...

No Light In The Tunnel

A Housing Crash Update

By Mike Whitney

Why is the press misleading the public about housing? The housing market is crashing. There are no "green shoots" or "glimmers of hope"; the market is worn to a stump, it's kaput. Continue

Where's My Change?

By Ralph Nader

The corporate chieftains have easy access to the White House and the new President, whether these bosses come on missions demanding power or missions of beggary for bailouts. When will he meet with the leading heads of consumer protection groups with millions of dues-paying members who could give him the base to hold accountable and regulate the democracy-denying, economy-wrecking corporate supremacists? Continue

This Is A Must Listen
The Financial Barbarians at the Gate

Guns & Butter Interviews financial economist and historian, Dr. Michael Hudson.

The history of banking and the criminalization of the banking system; tax policy; real estate asset inflation; US imperialism via the monetary system; - similarities with the Roman Republic; what measures labor should take. Continue

4 more banks fail, lifting this year's tally to 29: Regulators shut banks in Georgia, Michigan, Idaho, California; 29 so far tops 2008 total

Obama Has '100% Confidence' In Bernanke

Economy Turning Around? - Watch This Video - Vid

China Increases Gold Reserves By 76%

Ford Hopes To Avoid Bailout Despite $1.4B Loss

Spain Unemployment Record 17.4%

Darling Warns Geithner To Speed Toxic Cleanup

Paulson, Bernanke Pressed On BofA Deal

Fed Will Seek Bank Capital Increase

What Caused The Economic Crisis?

Feds Shut 26th Bank Of The Year

Madoff Investors Must Return 'False Profits'

BoA Chief Told To Buy Merrill Or Lose Job

BoA 'Forced To Hide' Merrill Rescue Facts

GM Eyes Factory Closures As Chapter 11 Nears

Microsoft First Quarterly Revenue Fall In 23 Yrs

Fiat Pursues GM Europe Holdings

China Reveals Huge Rise In Gold Reserves

Germany Faces Civil Unrest & 2nd Banking Crisis

Spain Jobless Total Over 4 Million

Nomura £5B Loss - Probable Job Cuts

Japanese Yakuza Gangsters Hit By Recession

The Crisis Beyond Wall Street

BoJ Governor - US Must Fix Household Debt

UK Economy Slumps 1.9% In 1Q

UK Debt Out Of Control For 23 More YEARS

'Now We Are All Up To Our Ears In It'

Taxes 'Must Rise' By £45B A Year For Budget

Borrowing Puts UK AAA Rating In Danger

CC Cos Double Cost Of Cash Withdrawals

UK Car Production Dives 51%

IMF - Global Bank Losses Could Hit $6T

Global Crisis - Is Economics Rational?

Burien - 1+1=2

Facing The Abyss

UK Budget - Banksters Back In Charge

Britain's National Debt At £1.4 Trillion

50% Tax Will Backfire On Britain

UK Recovery Predictions 'Utter Fantasy'

IMF - World Recession Will Deepen

China Vs America - A Visual Comparison

12 Major US Brands Predicted To Disappear

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