Friday, April 24, 2009

More economic troubles.

100 DAYS: Geithner says downturn may be easing...
ON THE BRINK: Feds preparing bankruptcy filing for CHRYSLER...
Banks, investment firms borrow less...

'Stress test' methodology could roil industry...

AMEX Profit Drops 58% as Defaults Rise, Consumers Cut Spending...

Weekly jobless claims up more than expected: The Labor Department said Thursday that initial claims for unemployment compensation rose to a seasonally adjusted 640,000, up from a revised 613,000 the previous week. That was slightly above analysts’ expectations of 635,000.

IMF - Global Bank Losses Could Hit $6T

Global Crisis - Is Economics Rational?

Burien - 1+1=2

Facing The Abyss

UK Budget - Banksters Back In Charge

Britain's National Debt At £1.4 Trillion

50% Tax Will Backfire On Britain

UK Recovery Predictions 'Utter Fantasy'

Rise In Criminal Theft As Recession Bites

Tax Evaders Personal Data To Be Published

Rush To Universities To Escape Recession

GM To Default On $1B Bond Payment

Gold Investor Appetite Surges

World Economy Shrinks First Time Since WW2

Japan Pays Foreign Workers To Go Home

IMF - World Recession Will Deepen

The Gloomy IMF

Morgan Stanley Reports New Losses Of £1B

The Mighty Debt-Purge Of 2009

Cook - Our Money System - State Of Permanent Siege

China Vs America - A Visual Comparison

12 Major US Brands Predicted To Disappear

Freddie Mac CFO Dead - 'Suicide'

Global Bank Losses To Hit $4T Says IMF

Japan Hits First Trade Deficit In 30 Years

Majority Irish Expect Summer Civil Unrest

China Warns US On Protectionism

Volvo To Cut More Than 1,500 Jobs

Sweden Cuts Rates To Record Low Of 0.5%

Europe's Rich Rush To Hedge Fund Exits

$5.5B In More Loans To GM, Chrysler

Bank Lending Keeps Dropping

New York Times Corp Woes Deepen

Don't Try To Stop Home Crash - BoE Official

Credit Card Mock Pleas To Be Fair

IMF Sees Another $200B In UK Bank Losses

Devastating Warning = Furious UK-IMF Row

UK Jobless Hits 2.1M - Public Debt At £90B

UK Banks Avoid Homeowners Mtge Support

LaRouche - We Are In A Depression

Roubini - Market Bulls Have It All Wrong

BoA Bad Loan Surge Revives Economic Gloom

BoA Triggers New Bank Fears, Hits Markets

Americans Sell Valuables At Home Parties

Geithner Faces Critical Report On Bailout

New Questions On Pandit's Future At Citi

Stanford - US Govt 'Moose Head On Wall'

Japan To Issue $110B Bonds For Stimulus

Global Markets Slide On Banking Fears

India Chops Key Interest Rates By 25 Points

UK Supermarket Giant's Record £3B Profit

UK Economy Into Deflation - First Since 1960

Markets Brace For Historic £200B Deficit

'People Shouldn't Have To Live Like This'

Return Of The Money Snatchers

Exxon Tops Wal-Mart On 2009 Fortune 500 List

Big Bank Profits Bogus - Massive Public Deception

Gold May Hit $1,500

Hedge Fund Managers Buying Gold Futures

US Economy Facing Substantial Risks

US To Put Terms On Tarp Repayments

UK To Admit £60B Bailout Bill

Earmarked UK Bailout Billions Still Not Spent

China Set To Invest Again In Europe

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