Tuesday, April 28, 2009

More economic issues


FLASH: Treasury Borrows Record $361 Billion for 2nd Quarter...

Has globalization made us more catastrophe-prone?

Obama Has Missed His Moment

By Chris Hedges

Barack Obama has squandered his presidency. He had a fleeting moment to challenge the casino capitalism and financial recklessness of our economic and political elite. He could have orchestrated a state socialism that would have provided a safety net for tens of millions of Americans faced with dislocation and misery. Continue

World Bank, IMF: Crisis Becoming 'Human Calamity'

By Veronica Smith Veronica Smith

At the end of spring meetings in Washington, the two Bretton Woods institutions on Sunday told their 185 member countries that the worst global slump in generations had already driven more than 50 million people into extreme poverty. Continue

U.S. toxic-asset plan stirs fears: The government will take on a mountain of risk while trying to create an artificial market for the loans and debt securities. Critics worry about possible fraud and further banking system damage.

Some Sacramento Homes Less Than $25,000

20% Of Asia Hedge Funds Closed Since 1-08

Russian Warns IMF That It Must Deliver

IMF Chief - Darling's Figures Over Optimistic

IMF - National Deficits To Stay Sky High

IMF As Bad As Ever

Japan Faces Worst Economic Outlook Ever

Japan's Economy To Shrink 3.3%

Stockmarkets Slide On Swine Flu Fears

Dying GM To Cut 21,000 Jobs - Pontiac Is History

Hollywood Film Production At Standstill

UK Mtge Approvals Fall 25%

Seven UK Retailers Perish Each Day

Two-Thirds Facing Pay Cut Or Freeze

Abandoned Pets Pay Price Of Recession

Geithner - Group Of 30 Servant, Change Agent

The Big Money Behind Geithner

The Yuan Goes Global

Swiss Ask Not To Be Forced To Reveal Customers

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