Wednesday, June 18, 2008

More Dollar issues

Ahmadinejad says oil price artificial...

Down for the Count

Bush's "Ownership Society" Hits The Canvas

By Mike Whitney

There is no way to escape the day of reckoning now facing the financial system; the hundreds of bank failures, the corporate defaults, the meltdown in real estate, the massive loss of jobs, the dreary contraction of credit, the tumbling stock market, and the blow to our national confidence. But there is a way to rebuild.

Colliding Bubbles, US Unemployment, the Credit Crisis and Oil Price Surge

Unemployment Jumps to 5.5%, On Its Way to 6%

By: John Mauldin

The headline number said the US lost 49,000 jobs in May, somewhat fewer than expected. The details were much uglier. Continue

Oil at record near $140 a barrel: The price of crude oil has hit a new high of close to $140 a barrel in New York trade, despite Saudi Arabia agreeing to increase output in July.

Why Oil Prices Are So High

Producer Prices Jump - Housing Starts At 1991 Low

UK Inflation Highest In 16 Years

Credit Crisis Crushing UK Banks

Credit Crisis Not Over - Banks Hoard Cash

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