Friday, June 27, 2008

More economic issues

CITIGROUP faces '$8.9 billion writeoff, capital need'...

URGENT: Bush Hosts Abu Dhabi Crown Prince at Camp David...

Fed Reviews Rules for Investing in Banks, Seeking More Capital...

Oil shoots above $140 a barrel...

OPEC predicts fresh high$...


BAD ECONOMY Cancels City's 4TH OF JULY...

FLASH: USA: 1% Growth...

Native Americans demand billions from US in land profits suit: Lawyers for the Native Americans said the government had failed to pay out tens of billion dollars in oil, timber, mineral and grazing royalties from lands held in trust by the Department of Interior since 1887.

Oil climbs $3 on Libya, OPEC comments: - Oil surged Thursday following reports that Libya may cut production and an OPEC official said crude could hit $170 a barrel this summer.

Global Stock Market Crash Warning Issued

BoE - 2009 To Be 'Uncomfortable' For All

Economic, Geopolitical Dangers For 2008-2009

Grim World Forecast For July-December 2008

RBS Issues Worldwide Stock, Credit Crash Alert

Morgan Stanley Warns Of 'Catastrophic Event'

Things Will Get Worse, Warns BoE Governor

RBS Market Alert - Fund Managers React

If The Fed Fights 'Non-Existent' Inflation...

US Stocks - Worst June Since Depression

Subprime Trump Card - Standing Up To The Banks

Stocks Hit 21 Month Low - Oil Jumps To $140

Foreclosures Bring Homelessness To Middle Class

Credit Crash - US Middle Classes Living In Cars

Inflation To Unleash Financial Tsunami

Energy Expert - US Gas Use May Have Peaked

Fed Leaves Rates Unchanged

Foreclosure Fallout Goes Far Beyond Home-Losers

Eurozone's Stagnation, Inflation Present Dilemma

Game Over- No Housing Market Rebound

How The Fiat Money System Invents Money

We May Be Facing A Fall Stock Market Disaster

UK Mtge Meltdown For Purchases, Equity Withdrawals

Higher Gas Prices Will Help the Chinese Economy

Natural Gas Prices Set to Jump 52%!

Sky-High Oil Will Break The US -

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