Wednesday, June 25, 2008

More Dollar issues


CASH DASH: CITIGROUP Chairman Meets With Kuwait Sheikh...

Kuwait sovereign wealth fund pumps billions into American financial institutions...

Gasoline Demand Fell 2.7% Last Week on Record Prices...

Oil prices won't come down: OPEC president...

Suburbia becomes untenable with rising gas costs...

Summer of discontent: Greenspan says economy on brink of recession...

Inflation May Unleash 'Financial Tsunami'...

Gas-Pump Gouging; Just Don't Blame The Saudis

By Mike Whitney

I've seen this bad movie before. It's the Enron movie, which hit the West Coast power-markets like a bomb because the federal government was asleep at the switch. Now it's happening again with oil prices." Rep. Jay Inslee D-WA Continue

Gas Could Fall To $2 If Congress Acts, Analysts Say

Limiting speculation would push prices to fundamental level, lawmakers told

By Rex Nutting & Michael Kitchen,

The price of retail gasoline could fall by half, to around $2 a gallon, within 30 days of passage of a law to limit speculation in energy-futures markets, four energy analysts told Congress on Monday. Continue

Greenspan says U.S. economy on brink of recession: He said via video link to an investment conference in Johannesburg the chances of that economy falling into recession were more than 50 percent and a rebound was unlikely.

More bad news for US economy: US consumer confidence has fallen to its lowest level in 16 years while US home prices fell in April at the fastest rate in years, two economic reports have said.

Natural Gas Prices Set to Jump 52%!

Sky-High Oil Will Break The US -

UK Mtge Approvals Fall 56% To Record Lows

Congress Acts To Stop Runaway Oil

Quarterly Window Dressing - Common Wall St Scam

Credit Crisis To Worsen On Derivative Debacle

Central Banks Will Printing Money Full Speed

US Housing Slump Rivals Lowest In 62 Years

Gas Could Drop To $2 If Congress Acts - Analysts

Wide Reach Of Mortgage Crisis Hits Home

Chain Store Closings - Depressed Economy Signs

New Loan Crisis Hitting Smaller Banks

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