Monday, June 23, 2008

More Dollar issues

CITI to Slash Investment Banking Jobs World-Wide... 10%

Gas prices rises 10 cents gallon -- over 2 weeks...
Obama calls for oil crackdown...

Asset-price Inflation is Giving Way to Debt Deflation

The Game is Over. There Won't Be a Rebound

By Mike Whitney

Bernanke is merely being polite in not rubbing the faces of European and Asian governments in the fact that unless they are willing to make a structural break and change the world monetary system radically, they will remain powerless to avoid giving the United States a free ride – including a free ride for its military spending and war in the Near East. Continue

Secret Pentagon Funding Near All-Time High: The latest Pentagon budget request contains a near record high level of money for classified, or "black" programs, reports the Center for Strategic and Budgetary Assessments

IMF says US economy is set to ‘stagnate’: The US economy is likely to “stagnate” in the second half of this year, the International Monetary Fund warned on Friday, as stock markets in the US and Europe fell to their lowest levels since March and US bank shares hit a five-year low.

Blood In Your Tank - The Petrofraud War

New S&P Bank Of America Rating - Sell

$2T Credit Contraction - Consumer Debt Defaults Soar

Fed And US Dollar Credibility Now At Stake

Gold May Rise To $5,000 On Inflation

Dollars, Oil & The Big Wipe Out - Vid

Global Stock Market Crash Warning Issued

Unscathed Japan Banks Buy Up Western Asssets

Central Banks Buy Securitized Debt To Save Banks

IMF Says US Economy Set To 'Stagnate'

Oil Price Fuels Inflation In Asian Economies

Stocks Drop To 3 Month Low On Oil Surge

Zionist Banksters Are Behind The Oil/Fuel Crisis

6M UK Homes Into Fuel Poverty This Year

Paulson Wants Bigger Role For Federal Reserve

Oil Giants To Sign Contracts With Iraq

Chavez Threatens EU With Oil Boycott

Panic Gas Buying In China - Prices Jump 18%

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