Tuesday, June 24, 2008

More Dollar issues

Oil rises despite Saudi output pledge...

UNITED Will Cut 950 Pilot Jobs as It Eliminates Seating Capacity...

Citigroup to cut thousands of jobs: The job cuts are part of a plan to reduce about 10 per cent of the investment banking group's 65,000 staff, it said.

The Fourth World War

Video - Taken from a speech by Marcos calling the war against globalization

Despite the titanic struggles of dispossessed peoples around the world, the wealth of nations continues to reside in fewer and fewer hands. The economies of poor countries collapse under vicious IMF policies, and capitalism's global 'clubs' thrive ever and ever upward. Meanwhile, people keep struggling, ultimately downward. Continue

Alternatives to Free Trade: Fair Trade and Beyond

By Shamus Cooke

Capitalism cannot be reformed. In the dog-eat-dog world of profit-making and competition, "fairness" plays absolutely no role. Continue

US Housing Slump Rivals Lowest In 62 Years

Gas Could Drop To $2 If Congress Acts - Analysts

Wide Reach Of Mortgage Crisis Hits Home

Chain Store Closings - Depressed Economy Signs

New Loan Crisis Hitting Smaller Banks

Blood In Your Tank - The Petrofraud War

New S&P Bank Of America Rating - Sell

$2T Credit Contraction - Consumer Debt Defaults Soar

Fed And US Dollar Credibility Now At Stake

Gold May Rise To $5,000 On Inflation

Dollars, Oil & The Big Wipe Out - Vid

Global Stock Market Crash Warning Issued

Unscathed Japan Banks Buy Up Western Asssets

Central Banks Buy Securitized Debt To Save Banks

IMF Says US Economy Set To 'Stagnate'

Oil Price Fuels Inflation In Asian Economies

Stocks Drop To 3 Month Low On Oil Surge

Zionist Banksters Are Behind The Oil/Fuel Crisis

6M UK Homes Into Fuel Poverty This Year

Paulson Wants Bigger Role For Federal Reserve

Oil Giants To Sign Contracts With Iraq

Chavez Threatens EU With Oil Boycott

Panic Gas Buying In China - Prices Jump 18%

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Richard Jennings said...

Its a little scary it seems with all the job cuts. There are still a lot of good jobs posted on employment sites though -


Cant dwell on the cuts, have to look forward.