Wednesday, April 15, 2009

More economic issues

Sales-Tax Revenue Falls at Fastest Pace in Years...

PAPER: Cutting back financial capitalism is America's big test; Has the US become Russia?

America’s 20% Unemployment Rate

By Carlton Meyer

The Department of Labor’s website shows an unemployment rate of 16% for Feb. 2009. It explains why these unemployed Americans are not included in their official unemployment rate: Continue

US News Media Fails America, Again

By Robert Parry

Watching Glenn Beck of Fox News rant about “progressive fascism” – and muse about armed insurrection – or listening to mainstream pundits prattle on about Barack Obama as the “most polarizing President ever,” it is hard to escape the conclusion that today’s U.S. news media represents a danger to the Republic. Continue

Obama's Windfall Taxes Shift: First Broken Promise?: The Obama team's decision to drop the idea of forcing oil and natural gas companies to pay a tax on their windfall profits has caused a firestorm among liberals and small business coalitions.

Stores suffer big drop in March sales: Unexpected 1.1% decline in overall sales follows two months of gains.

More Americans wary of U.S. tax man this year: "We've seen a huge rise in what we call the rookie delinquent taxpayer," he said. "They are incredibly scared, and they have no idea what's going to happen to them because, God bless them, they've never owed before."

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