Thursday, April 16, 2009

More economic issues


Tossed package at White House ends DC 'Tea Party'...

Consumer prices first annual drop in 54 years...

US economic activity weak: Fed...

OPEC sees 'devastating contraction' in oil demand...

PAPER: Cutting back financial capitalism is America's big test; Has the US become Russia?

Is America the New Russia?

By Martin Wolf

Is the US Russia? The question seems provocative, if not outrageous. Yet the person asking it is Simon Johnson, former chief economist at the International Monetary Fund and a professor at the Sloan School of Management at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology. Continue

Welcome to the New “New World Order”


Pepe Escobar: There will be class war, there will be blood. Continue

Wall Street Sharks Circle the UAW

By John R. MacArthur

Barack Obama's commitment to helping labor has always been suspect, but handing over the American car business to the investment banker Steven Rattner might well turn the president into the last great union buster. Continue

New wave of job losses feared across Europe: In Switzerland the country's biggest bank, UBS, is reportedly planning to axe up to 10,000 more jobs as early as next week as it struggles to regain profitability – and credibility.

Foreclosures Soar in March, Up 44 Percent Over February’s High: -Completed foreclosures hit another monthly record in March as 175,199 homes were lost to foreclosure, up 44 percent from February’s record high, according to the latest U.S. Foreclosure Index released today by, a leading real estate information provider.

US economy goes back to 1955 as deflation returns: The US economy has begun to deflate for the first time in more than half a century as a slump in demand pushes energy and food costs lower.

Bailouts And Manipulations

Tax Day Becomes Protest Day

UBS Jobless 18,000 Amid Rising Losses

Air France Drops 2,500 Jobs - Gloom Deepens

New Wave Of Euro Job Losses Feared

Singapore Devalues Its Fading Dollar

UK Pension Deficit Hits £250 Billion

UK Home Prices Fall Another 12.3%

UK Home Swaps Rise 400% In A Year

UK Airport Traffic Tumbles In Recession

Is America The New Russia?

Fiat May Walk From Chrysler Ties

Barky's Economic Optimism Falls On Deaf Ears

Bernanke Sees 'Tentative' Signs Recovery

US To Reveal Top Banks Financial Health

Greedy Bankers Give Themselves Huge Bonuses

Fulford - Asian Crisis Created By Illuminati & BIS

Bank Of England, Sterling & Government Treason

World Bank Calls China - A 'Ray of Hope

Surge In UK Benefits Paid To Jobless Poles

China Property Prices To Drop By 50%

UK National Debt Rides Few Shoulders

IMF Needs Overhaul - Top World Banks

Singapore Warns Of Worst Econ Plunge

Talent Deserts London As City Bonuses Slashed

'Green Shoots' A Mirage In Economic Desert

AIG Derivatives Staff Quit - Taxpayers To Suffer

Bonus Backlash Drives AIG Staff To Quit

Wall St Holds Breath Over US 1Q Results

GM Told To Prep For 'Surgical Bankruptcy

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