Friday, April 17, 2009

More economic issues

Feds lays groundwork for bank stress test release...

Questions linger over Tarp funding...

More Cost-cutting at NY TIMES, reorganization at WPOST... Developing...


Housing Starts Fall Sharply...

GOOGLE Profit Beats Estimates After Cost Reductions...

...growth slows dramatically

The Year of Cockeyed Optimism

"The foundations of our economy are strong"

By Mike Whitney

Consumer spending is down, housing is in a shambles, and industrial output dropped at an annual rate of 20 percent, the largest quarterly decrease since VE Day. The systemwide contraction continues unabated with with no sign of letting up. Continue

The Crisis That Could Bring Down Obama

By Ruth Conniff

The President, understandably, points to signs of hope and encourages Americans to be optimistic about the economy. But when do we move from healthy confidence to a confidence game? Continue

Foreclosures Hit Record Levels - Haven't Peaked

Stiglitz - Obama's Wall Street Ties Doom Rescue

Fraud Insurance Claims Hit Record High

£5,000 Sweetens UK Electric Car Launch

US Politicians Worsening National Mood

US Economy Back To 1955 - Deflation Returns

Lehman Bros Stockpile Of Uranium Yellowcake

Housing Data Wakes Up Obama

AIG Accused Of Dirty Tricks Campaign

US Walks Tightrope Over Bank Stress Tests

US Backs Down From Trade War With China

Chinese Economy Slowest Growth Ever

China Buying Up Worlds Industrial Metals

Eurozone Industrial Output Plunges

Bailouts And Manipulations

Tax Day Becomes Protest Day

UBS Jobless 18,000 Amid Rising Losses

Air France Drops 2,500 Jobs - Gloom Deepens

New Wave Of Euro Job Losses Feared

Singapore Devalues Its Fading Dollar

UK Pension Deficit Hits £250 Billion

UK Home Prices Fall Another 12.3%

UK Home Swaps Rise 400% In A Year

UK Airport Traffic Tumbles In Recession

Is America The New Russia?

Fiat May Walk From Chrysler Ties

Barky's Economic Optimism Falls On Deaf Ears

Bernanke Sees 'Tentative' Signs Recovery

US To Reveal Top Banks Financial Health

Greedy Bankers Give Themselves Huge Bonuses

Fulford - Asian Crisis Created By Illuminati & BIS

Bank Of England, Sterling & Government Treason

World Bank Calls China - A 'Ray of Hope

Surge In UK Benefits Paid To Jobless Poles

China Property Prices To Drop By 50%

UK National Debt Rides Few Shoulders

IMF Needs Overhaul - Top World Banks

Singapore Warns Of Worst Econ Plunge

Talent Deserts London As City Bonuses Slashed

'Green Shoots' A Mirage In Economic Desert

AIG Derivatives Staff Quit - Taxpayers To Suffer

Bonus Backlash Drives AIG Staff To Quit

Wall St Holds Breath Over US 1Q Results

GM Told To Prep For 'Surgical Bankruptcy'

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