Wednesday, April 01, 2009

Tell Obama to end prohibition and legalize marijuana

Because: prohibition doesn't work; jails are full; prohibition fuels violent organized crime; the drug war wastes money; pot taxes could raise money; marijuana is medicine; small farmers need help; prohibition doesn't work.Tell President Obama to legalize and tax marijuana, just like alcohol.

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1 comment: said...

I understand why Obama chooses to play down the issue of, “immoral” drug use, however I believe he should have shown more respect to the issue marijuana legalization and shown the same insight and common sense honesty that he was elected for. At the inauguration Obama highlighted the Presidency of Abraham Lincoln a man who led this country through one of its darkest times. What was remarkable about the Civil War was that it pitted brother against brother, a display to history that Americans are capable of inflicting terrible brutalities to one another when they fall on opposing sides of a powerful ideology. There are similarities between the “civil” war of old and the war on drugs today. Both wars pit Americans against Americans in a battle of divisiveness, bloodshed and suffering. Americans should exercise our collective control of government and email, call or write a representative. By doing so the drug war will become an issue that has to be dealt with now rather than a lingering one to be laughed off and prolonged as long as it is politically prudent to do so.