Thursday, December 04, 2008

More economic issues

US, China currency clash...
Paulson To Prod...
China biggest foreign holder of U.S. Treasuries...
NOT SMART: Harvard Endowment Loses $8 Billion...
Record number of Americans using food stamps...

US manufacturing hits 26-year low: ISM : The Institute of Supply Management said its manufacturing index slumped 2.7 points to 36.2 percent, far below the 50 percent level that separates expansion and contraction. The level was the lowest since May 1982.

U.S. May Be in for ‘Great Recession,’ Longest Postwar: The longest economic slumps since 1945 were the 16-month downturns that ended in March 1975 and November 1982. The Great Depression lasted 43 months, from August 1929 to March 1933

Mortgage delinquencies shoot higher: The percentage of people who are two months behind on their mortgages shot up in the third quarter fr

Bloomberg - A 'Great Recession' Coming

What's Really Going On With Gold & Silver?

The Last Thanksgiving Before GD2?

Expect The Worst Recession Since WWII

The Neo-Alchemy Of The Federal Reserve

Comex Gold Shock And Awe

Search For Stimulus In Zero Interest Rate World

Fed Monetizing Debt By Printing Money

Destruction Of Capital...Faster And Faster

Expect The Worst Recession Since WWII

UN - Dollar In For Hard Landing Next Year

German Car Sales Collapse - Berlin Under Fire

Economic Disaster On The Way

World Econ Growth To Drop To 1% In '09

Mandelson Denies Britain To Join Euro

Metal Prices Drop More Than In Depression

Call For Zero Rates From The Fed

Schwarzenegger - CA Is Almost Broke

Redstone $1.6B In Debt - Sells Assets Cheap

World Stability Hangs By A Thread

US Recession Began A Year Ago

Australia Chops Rates To 7 Year Low

Oil Drops To As Low As $46 Barrel

UK Const Shrinks At Fastest Pace Ever

Tata Motors Appeals To Public For Cash

Aston Martin Cuts Workforce By Third

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