Tuesday, December 30, 2008

More economic troubles.

Bankruptcies, Store Closings Loom at Retailers Amid Holiday Debacle...

CHANEL lays off staff as crunch hits lux brands...

Congress Plans Madoff Hearings...

IMF economist warns of “Great Depression”: The top economist at the International Monetary Fund, Olivier Blanchard, warned earlier this week that continued declines in consumer spending would set off a global depression. "Consumer and business confidence indexes have never fallen so far since they began. The coming months will be very bad," he told the French newspaper Le Monde, as reported by Agence France-Presse.

Holiday Sales Drop to Force Bankruptcies, Closing: U.S. retailers face a wave of store closings, bankruptcies and takeovers starting next month as holiday sales are shaping up to be the worst in 40 years.

Cash-strapped states cut juvenile justice programs: State budget cuts are forcing some of the nation's youngest criminals out of counseling programs and group homes and into juvenile prisons in what critics contend is a shortsighted move that will eventually lead to more crime and higher costs.

Cash-strapped states weigh selling roads, parks: Minnesota is deep in the hole financially, but the state still owns a premier golf resort, a sprawling amateur sports complex, a big airport, a major zoo and land holdings the size of the Central American country of Belize.

Fallout Starts After 'Horrific' Holiday Retail Season

The Wall St Ponzi Scheme - Fractional Reserve Banking

Oil, Gold Sharply Higher On Gaza Killing

UK Backs Face $100B Commercial Prop Bomb

Ruble In Trouble

Recession To Cost Britain 1 Million Jobs

Low Oil Prices Force Russia To Devalues Ruble

The Shadow Money Lenders

Madoff May Have Stashed Cash Offshore (Nah...)

Comprehensive List Of Madoff Victims

Only Full Disclosure Of Toxic Debt Will Work

Madoff Probe Focuses On Tax Havens

Demand For Oil Tol Drop Most In 25 Yrs

2008 Can Become Worst Ever For Wall St

Bargain Shopper Fail To Save Retail Season

US Shopping Season Worst In Over 40 Years

GM Becomes Bank To Get On Gravy Train

32,000 UK Realtor Jobs Wiped Out

Doubts Grow Over Barky's Giant Spending Promises

Economy On Edge - Japan Faces Deflation

Retailers Foresee Dire 2009

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