Tuesday, April 14, 2009

More economic issues

GOLDMAN SACHS announces $5B public stock offering, reports $1.8B quarterly profit...
WELLS FARGO 'May Need $50 Billion to Pay Feds, Cover Loan Losses'...

Illinois snags chunk of fed stimulus work; 1 out of 9 road, bridge projects?...

Ohio wants $57M in stimulus for highway STUDIES...

Warren Buffett's electric car venture; CEO drinks 'battery fluid'...

A Fraud That Makes Madoff Look Small Time

By Ron Smith

To take effective action would reveal what they believe cannot be revealed. The lurid facts must be hidden. Continue


By Ralph Nader

Where were the giant accounting firms, the CPAs, and the rest of the accounting profession while the Wall Street towers of fraud, deception and cover-ups were fracturing our economy, looting and draining trillions of dollars of other peoples' money? Continue

Inconvenient Debt


The amount of U.S. dollars in circulation is skyrocketing. What does it mean for you? Continue

A Criminally Stupid War on Drugs in the US

By Clive Crook

Everybody understands that alcohol prohibition in the 1920s suffered from many of the same pathologies – albeit on a smaller scale – and was eventually abandoned. Continue

Ireland is ECB's sacrifical lamb to satisfy German inflation demands: Put bluntly, Ireland is being forced to roll back the welfare state and tighten fiscal policy in the midst of a savage economic contraction in order to uphold the deflation orthodoxies of Europe's monetary union.

China's FX reserves growth collapses: The People's Bank of China disclosed on Saturday that the reserves -- the world's largest -- had risen 16 percent year-on-year to tally USD 1.95 trillion as at the end of March. "Even with a growth of USD 7.7 billion for the first quarter of this year, the increase was USD 146.2 billion lower than the same period in the preceding year," Xinhua reported.

U.S. government directs GM on quick bankruptcy filing: report: One plan being suggested would see the "good" assets of GM quickly put into new company in the event of a bankruptcy filing. The remaining "bad" assets, including weak brands, factories and health-care obligations, would remain in the old GM and be liquidated over time.

Shanghai car-maker SAIC makes approach for Vauxhall: The Chinese car manufacturer that owns the rump of MG Rover will this week begin considering a potential investment in a new European company that will house Britain's Vauxhall

Fending Off the Mortgage Industry: Savvy Activists Are Winning in Court and on the Streets, Keeping People in Their Homes

Will It Be World Government? - Pt 1 - Private Power

Will It Be World Government? - Pt 2 - Orchestration

The Global Ponzi Scheme - Part 1

The Global Ponzi Scheme - Part 2

Surge In Delinquent Taxpayers

A Major Announcement

Geitner Member of Secretive 'Group of 30'

Credit Suisse To Close U.S. Customer Accounts

Oil Drops Below $50 As Forecast Cut

Chop Shop Economics And Stealth Zionism

What Next For Banks? - The Baseline Scenario

Wall Street On The Tundra

Lloyds Bank Staff Threatens Those Late In Payments

China Foreign Exchange Reserves $1.95 Trilion

China Makes Approach For GM's Vauxhall

Ireland Is ECB's Sacrifical Lamb

BT To Slash Another 10,000 Jobs

Iceland - Conquered By Debt - Are We Next?

US Deficit To Be $2 Trillion In 2009 - March Alone $192B

Obama Sees 'Glimmers Of Hope' For Recovery

Demand For Oil Drops As G7 Outlook Stays Grim

Treasury Tells US Investors To Buy American

America Wants Ruth Madoff Behind Bars

We're Not Facing Our Problems. We've got Prozac Politics'

Do Economists Know Any More Than Us?

US Racks Up $192B Budget Deficit In March

The Undeclared Economic War Against Us

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