Wednesday, June 03, 2009

More economic issues

Oil slides below $68 as investors eye inflation...


Geithner Says China Has Confidence in American Economy...

Says dollar assets safe...

Laughter from audience...

Geithner faces sluggish market, rents out NY home...

States' Budget Woes May Get Worse...

Phoenix Bears Brunt of Hotel Market's Downturn...


Latest in string of nationalized companies...

Hummer sold to Chinese...

Germany Blasts 'Powers of the Fed'...
Russian President may push 'new world currency'...

Economic Recovery is Wishful Thinking

By Dean Baker

The media has been touting whatever good economic news it can find. But the truth is economic recovery is nowhere in sight.

The trillion dollar question: China or America?: Who is going to come out of the economic crisis stronger and with the whip hand - China or America,

U.S. manufacturing sector contracts for 16th straight month: - Economic activity in the U.S. manufacturing sector failed to grow in May for the 16th consecutive month but at a slower pace, the Institute for Supply Management (ISM) reported Monday.

Accounting error misplaces $2.3 billion in stimulus funds: If only there were a stimulus edition of Quicken. With billions of stimulus dollars flowing into the economy, some via historically unprecedented avenues, accounting mistakes were inevitable.

Where Is All US Exported Gold Coming From?

Asian Stocks Up For Fourth Day

Northwestern Mutual Makes First Gold Buy In 152 Yrs

Jim Willie CB - Quarterly $1 Trillion Monetization

Chinese Students Laugh At Geithner

California Will Run Out Of Cash In 14 Days

GM To Sell Hummer To Chinese

Toxic Assets A Bridge Too Far ­ Philly Fed Chief

China Backs US Dollar As Reserve Currency

Economic Recovery Is Wishful Thinking

Barclays Shares As Sheikh Sells Holdings

Geithner Assures China Its Dollar Assets Are Safe

Citigroup & GM Are Out In Revamp Of Dow Jones

Commodities And Oil Soar As Dollar Pounded

Sacrifices Needed To Save GM Says Obama

GM Bailout Only Delays The Inevitable Crash

Bad Design Driving Force Behind GM Malaise

GM - A Nostalgic Trip Down The Years

A History GM In Pictures

The 31 Yr Old In Charge Of Dismantling GM

Kidd - Boots On The Ground, County By County

Economic Crisis In Australia

Either Stocks Will Fall 37% Or Gold Will Rally 60%

US T Bonds In The Eye Of The Storm

Green Shoots? - Rail, Truck, Air Cargo Traffic Down

Did Bernanke And Paulson Commit Bank Fraud?

US Housing Bust, More Prime Mortgage Foreclosures

Palast - How Stevie The Rat Bankrupted GM

Michael Moore - Goodbye GM

GM Files For Bankruptcy

US Govt Takes 60% Of GM In Chapter 11 Bond Deal

Geithner To China - Deficit Will Be Tamed (Sure It Will)

Geithner Calls For New Ties With China

China's Manufacturing Expands In May

BoE Should Buy Toxic Assets Says IMF

UK Spending Higher Than In First World War

Tax Officials On Trail Of Hidden Wealth

South Korean Exports Dive 28%

Don't Write Off Deflation Danger Yet

The Big Collapse May Be Very Near

Chapman - Gold To Stand Against Big Devaluations

General Motors To File For Bankruptcy

Russian Oligarch Buys GM Europe

Why The Wheels Fell Off Germany's Economic Model

Pension Managers Lose $24B - Get $7M Bonuses

The Fed's Astonishing Runaway Theft Exposed - Vid

Peter Schiff - Weekly Summary - Vid

'Role-Play' Of Crisis At Norther Rock Years Ago

Ireland In Worst Loss Ever

US Bond Sell-Off Puts Pressure Elsewhere

US Economy Contracts 5.7%

Dollar No Longer Reserve Currency In Russia

Geithner Strikes Out In Beijing

Zoellick Warns Stimulus Just A 'Sugar High'

The Worst Is Yet To Come

'Unthinkable' U.S. Sales Tax Gets Fresh Look

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