Tuesday, June 09, 2009

More economic issues


AP: Obama repackages stimulus plans with old promises...

Lots of 'extras' in war funding bill...

WSJ: Obama Numbers Are Pure Fiction...

Stimulus funds for 'job creation' go to prevent teen pregnancy in Ohio...

BOSTON GLOBE union rejects wage, benefit cuts... Developing...
High court blocks CHRYSLER sale...

California contemplates ultimate reform - no welfare...

World Bank boss sees China spurring global recovery...

What's Good For General Motors

Is Now Good for China

By Irving Wesley Hall

The United States has degenerated from a world power based on industrial production to an overextended military empire based on debt and consumption. Our citizens have gone from well-paid industrial workers with comfortable savings accounts to cash-starved consumers with staggering credit card payments.

Panel finds lax oversight of wartime contracting: The Defense Department has failed to provide adequate oversight over tens of billions of dollars in contracts to support military operations in Iraq and Afghanistan, says a new report by an independent commission investigating waste and fraud in wartime spending.

Global military spending surges: US military expenditure rose 9.7 per cent last year to $607bn, accounting for 42 per cent of total global arms spending, the report said.

Top Chinese banker Guo Shuqing calls for wider use of yuan: The head of China's second-largest bank has said the United States government should start issuing bonds in yuan, rather than dollars, in the latest indication of the increasing importance of the Chinese currenc

600,000 Seniors About To Lose Their Homes: More than 600,000 seniors are delinquent in their mortgage payments or already in foreclosure, USA Today reports.

Unemployment rate highest since 1983: The U.S. economy cut 345,000 jobs last month alone. The count of total jobs lost in the current economic recession is 6 million. The unemployment rate, at 9.4 percent in May, has risen to the highest level since 1983.

Why Current Depression Will Be Worse Than 1929

What's Good For GM Is Good For China

The Depression Quietly Deepens

A 5 Yr Public Spending Freeze To Kill Big Govt

Tough Truths Rather Than Green Shoots

Bankruptcies Rise Among Over-45s

Doubts Mount Over US Toxic Asset Plan

IMF Urges Indonesia To Target Inflation

Airlines To Lose $9 Billion In Recession

S&P Rating Downgrade Hits Irish Banks

Wall St Ends Hope For Homeowners Via Congress

Geithner To DeMint - Bailouts May NEVER End - Vid

All Markets Suggesting Hyperinflation

Obamanomics - How Dumb Do They Think We Are?

Obama's Unprecedented Debt

The Economy Is Still At The Brink

Will The British Pound Get Pounded?

Economic Collapse, Time To Run?

Securitization - The Biggest Rip-Off Ever

Global Financial Power Shifting To China

Stocks Bear Market Rally Built On Sand

US/Euro Economies Descend Into Marxism

US Fed Chocking Economic Recovery?

Chrysler Creditors Seek Halt Of Sale To Fiat

Madoff Bagged $165M Just Before His Arrest

Shaping The New Wall Street

Protests Vs Putin As Russian Factories Go Broke

Merkel's May Wake Bears From Hibernation

Russia, China Should Dump Dollar In Trade - Medvedev

Housing Bubble Caused Great Depression, Too

Ingredients For Bull Run On Gold, Gold Stocks There

China Considers Buying $50B In IMF Bonds

German GDP To Fall 6%

Credit Card Rates Rise Despite Low Bank Rate

US Mtge Rates Surge To Highest Since December

What A State-Run GM Could Do

Uganda Oil Reserves Rival Saudi Arabia - US Expert

US Regulator Details Derivative Plans

Ex-Countrywide Chief Exec Charged With Fraud

House Seeks Bigger (ANY) Scrutiny Over Fed

Brown Resignation Rumor - Pound Plunges

British Airways Won't Rule Out End Of Pensions

Baby Boomers Last To Retire With Good Deals

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