Monday, June 29, 2009

More economic issues

Dollar Declines After China Repeats Call for New Global Reserve Currency...

China's banks veering out of control...

Swiss Banks Shun Americans as US Compels Disclosure...

A Bloodless Coup

The Transition From Democracy To A Bnk-run Society

By Mike Whitney

The banks created the financial crisis, and now they are its biggest beneficiaries. They don't need to worry about risk, because Bernanke has assured them that they will be bailed out regardless of the cost. Continue

British Rum Maker Got a $2.7 Billion Payout from TARP: I'm getting so tired of these stories. I mean, what's the point? Americans are perfectly happy to stay home and watch TV while our elected officials rob us blind and we struggle along without needed health care:

Mounting U.S. jobless claims force states to borrow: The lengthy recession has proved discouraging for the swelling ranks of unemployed Americans, and forced U.S. states obligated to pay them jobless benefits to pile debt on their already strained budgets.

Deadly Reasons to Oust Incumbents in 2010

By Ed Ciaccio

All those of us who claim to care about others both here and abroad, about justice, and about peace, must become relentless in our efforts to fundamentally change the current pro-corporate, anti-human system of our country, starting with the current members of Congress.

Congress Just Gave Itself Nearly 4 Billion For Expenses

By Greg Bacon

How sweet it is! How would you like a job with a six figure salary and the ability to vote yourself an additional healthy chunk of taxpayer money to be used for "expenses?"

Wary of Dollar, China Wants Super-sovereign Currency

By Zhou Xin and Chris Buckley

China's central bank renewed its call on Friday for the creation of a super-sovereign reserve currency to reduce the dollar's global domination, which it said had worsened the financial crisis. Continue

Will the 'Dollar Wars' Kill What's Left of the American Dream?

By Scott Thill
Countries yoked to America's currency, and therefore its cratering empire, want to kick the dollar to the curb. And that's bad news for the U.S. Continue

New Video - Holder Admits No Equality Under Hate Bill

Talk Show Hosts May Be Accomplices Under Hate Bill

Leahy's Hate Bill Hearing A Sham

Hate Bill Protest Overwhelms Senate!

Foul! - Senate Hate Bill Hearing Rigged!

New ADL Hate Bills Attack America

US Sen DeMint Says Hate Law Must Be Stopped

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