Monday, June 22, 2009

More economic issues


California crisis threatens to devastate school system...

Numbers on Welfare See Sharp Increase...

GOLDMAN SACHS to make record bonus payout; Spectacular first half of '09...

Cost-cutting Calif. wants early prisoner release: With California slipping into a financial sinkhole, Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger is proposing to save more than $180 million by cutting short the sentences of thousands of immigrants in the state's prisons and turning them over to federal authorities for deportation.

Ohio's Credit Rating Downgraded: Fitch downgraded $7 billion in outstanding state bonds from "AA+" to "AA" on Wednesday. The rating downgrade could make it more expensive for Ohio to borrow money.

The Obama Financial Reforms

Road To Change Or Perdition?

By Danny Schechter

Stabilizing A Flawed System is Not The Same As Restructuring Or Remaking It .

The United States is Committing Economic Suicide: Foreign entities will very soon own everything of value in the U.S. and they will become the major (or only) source of employment for U.S. citizens.

Treasury to Auction $104 Billion In Debt Next Week, a Record: The Treasury announced Thursday a record $104 billion worth of bond auctions for next week, part of its herculean efforts to finance a rescue of the world's largest economy.

California Rating Placed On Downgrade Watch By Moody's: California's chances of borrowing in capital markets grew slimmer Friday as Moody's Investors Service warned that it could downgrade the economically and fiscally beleaguered state's bond ratings.

Will BRIC Be A Real Power?

Don't Buy The Hyper Inflation Hype

Time To End Grotesque Bailouts And Face Reality

Goldman Sachs To Make Record Bonus Payout - Endless Greed

Queen's Bankers To Customers AIG Was Safe

Oil Rush - The Scramble To Plunder Iraq's Wealth

Bailed-Out RBS To Blow £300,000 On Wimbledon Bash

The Death Of The Dollar?

'Too Big To Fail' Exposes Alarming Divide

CA Unemployment Hits Record 11.5% In May

Senate Quick To Attack Geithner 'Reforms'

'Council Of Regulators' Has No Power Over Fed

SEC To Turn Focus On 'Dark Pools'

Fed To Lead Banks Into 'Real World' (huh?)

Japan Might Abolish Cash To Fight Deflatioon

Switzerland Looks At Cutting Size Of Banks

Europe - A Market At Risk

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