Tuesday, June 23, 2009

More economic issues

How the Financial Reform Plan Protects the Status Quo

Obama's (Latest) Surrender to Wall Street


In reaching across the aisle for Republican support – and no doubt future campaign contributions from the financial sector Pres. Obama is morphing into Joe Lieberman.

nstead Of Real Reform, Obama Capitulates To Wall St

We Can't Ignore The California Meltdown

Obama's (Latest) Grovel To Wall Street

30 Years Of Inflation Coming

California Collapsing

Fed Plans Repo Markets Revamp

Desperate Lenders Try To Drive Business To Rivals

Young, Jobless & Broke - Today's Lost Generation

Unions Attack £9.6m Pay Deal For RBS Chief

Warning Of Stimulus Cash Paying For Bribes

JAL Secures Y100 Billion Emergency Funding

World Bank Cautions Against Recovery Talk

Oil Price Fears After Niger Rebel Attacks On Shell

Will BRIC Be A Real Power?

Don't Buy The Hyper Inflation Hype

Time To End Grotesque Bailouts And Face Reality

Goldman Sachs To Make Record Bonus Payout - Endless Greed

Queen's Bankers To Customers AIG Was Safe

Oil Rush - The Scramble To Plunder Iraq's Wealth

Bailed-Out RBS To Blow £300,000 On Wimbledon Bash

The Death Of The Dollar?

'Too Big To Fail' Exposes Alarming Divide

CA Unemployment Hits Record 11.5% In May

Senate Quick To Attack Geithner 'Reforms'

'Council Of Regulators' Has No Power Over Fed

SEC To Turn Focus On 'Dark Pools'

Fed To Lead Banks Into 'Real World' (huh?)

Japan Might Abolish Cash To Fight Deflatioon

Switzerland Looks At Cutting Size Of Banks

Europe - A Market At Risk

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