Friday, May 15, 2009

More economic issues


Obama Says Debt Load 'Unsustainable'; Warns of skyrocketing interest rates...

Outrage in Canada as U.S. Firms Sever Ties To Obey Stimulus Rules...

Obama's barbed words worry corporate world...

CHRYSLER Dealers Lay Into Automaker: 'They Turned Their Back On Us'...
Environmental alarms raised over consumer electronics; Charge your iPod, kill a polar bear?
NEWSWEEK dramatic overhaul; Cover price raises to $5.95...
Cutting Calories: NYT Food Critic Chopped...

U.S. Economy: Jobless Claims Increase: The total number of people collecting unemployment insurance surged in the prior week to 6.56 million, setting a record for the 15th straight week and indicating companies are still not hiring.

Chrysler Notifies 789 Dealers of Closure: Chrysler LLC is seeking to immediately drop 789 dealers from its retail network, according to documents filed on Thursday with the U.S. Bankruptcy Court in Manhattan.

California Seeks U.S. Help With Budget Borrowing: California asked the U.S. Treasury for help with sales of short-term notes as the recession threatens to force the most-populous state to borrow as much as $23 billion to pay its bills.

I'm Wondering If Things Are Worse Than You Say?

Chrysler Begins Cutting Dealerships Across US

US Calls For OTC Derivatives Regulation

Geithner Seeks To Regulate Derivatives

US 'Sham' Bank Bailouts Enrich Speculators

GM To Export Cars From China To US US

Green Shoots Wither On Poor US Retail Figures

Bank Chiefs Should Justify Paying Back Tarp

Even BoE Has No Idea What Will Happen

Banks May Need More State Aid - BoE Warns

BT Doubles Job Cuts To 30,000

Allied Irish Bank Chmn Dodges Egg Attack

The IMF Is Hurting Poor Countries

Global Banks Sue MBIA Over Split

Sony Reports Record Losses

Oil Demand Still Declining

Dubai - No 'Green Shoots' In The Desert

Beware Of A Premature Return To 'Normal'

Significance Of Developed GM Food Vaccine

Stock Optimists Should Read Of Great Depression

Roche Ramps Up Production Of Tamiflu

EU Plans Stress Texts For Banks In Europe

Japan's Current Account Surplus Shrinks

Hardship In The City That Bears Toyota's Name

Asian Stock Rally Loses Fizz

Control of Russian venture TNK-BP slips away from BP

Eurozone Industrial Output Plunges

Steel Workers Storm ArcelorMittal HQ

UBS Suggests Gold Could Go To $2,500

Medicare Fund Broke By 2017

GM Shares Lowest Since Great Depression

America Theatens Trade War With China

Intel Fined ¤1bn For Breaking Competition Law

BoE Cuts Growth Forecast

Credit Card Companies Pile On Fees, Raise Rates

Now What Do We Do?

Relaxing After Bank Stress Tests? You Shouldn't

Who's Overseeing The Fed? - No One! - Vid

Captains Of Industry Don't Go Down With Ships

Oil Hits Six Month High

Hitachi Posts Record Loss In Japan

Nissan Posts First Loss In Ten Years

Economist Says Govt Had Key Role In Crisis

China's Exports Suffer - Demand Drops

Microsoft Launches First Ever Bond

Krugman Fears Lost Decade For US

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