Wednesday, May 20, 2009

More economic issues

Obama's new rules will transform US auto fleet...
President to set standards of car emissions...
Consumers face higher car prices...


California voters set to strike down new tax measures...

Oil prices bounce above $60...

Housing construction at record low...

Blue collar males lose more ground; unemployment rate surges past national average...

San Francisco to impose cigarette butt tax...

U.S. Economy: The Cancer is Still There

By Glen Ford

Saving the finance capital oligarchy has emerged as President Obama’s central mission – the guiding focus of his young administration. Obama has found new and myriad ways to go where no American president has ever gone before, in funneling somewhere around $13 trillion of national treasure to the parasitical class that goes by the shorthand, Wall Street. Continue

Norway's Success in Socialism has me Turning Red with Envy

By Sarah Gilbert

The country has a cushy 11% budget surplus, zero national debt, and an economy that grew 3% last year while Uncle Sam was dancing a jig into a 12.9% deficit, $11 trillion in debt, and the Recession we now all know and love. Continue

Government Has Pledged $12.8 Trillion on Bailouts - Every Household on the Hook for $109,887

Housing construction, permits hit record lows: The Commerce Department said construction of new homes and apartments fell 12.8 percent last month to a seasonally adjusted annual rate of 458,000 units -- the lowest pace on records going back a half-century.

Present Economy worse than Depression: Video: Interview with Nassim Nicholas Taleb, famous economist and author of "The Black Swan" and Dr. Mandelbrot, professor of Mathematics. Both say that the present economy more serious than the Great Depression, and the economy during the American Revolution.

Brazil and China eye plan to axe dollar: Brazil and China will work towards using their own currencies in trade transactions rather than the US dollar, according to Brazil’s central bank and aides to Luiz InĂ¡cio Lula da Silva, Brazil’s president.

Letter From A Dodge Dealer

Secret Meeting Of World's Richest In New York

Brazil And China Eye Plan To Ax Dollar

Don't Count On China To Rescue World Economy

Was The Bank 'Bailout' Even Necessary?

Capitalism At Turning Point' - Lord Mandelson

BoE Makes £1B Profit From Crisis Measures

Companies Face Higher Derivatives Hedging Costs

Australians Get $900 Checks To Boost Spending

Britain Sinks Into Deepest Deflation Since 1948

Asia Will Suicide If It Creates US Bond Crisis

US Poised For Finance Regulation Shake Up

Investors - Bull Market Has No Legs

Indian Stocks Halted After Singh's Victory

Lloyds Shareholders Profit From £4B Fundraiser

Rise In Use Of Drug Tests Fire Employees

US Backing For World Currency Stuns Markets

Get Rid Of The Fed - Purge The System

GM To Shut Over A Third Of All Dealerships

GM, Chrysler Dealership Cull To Cost 100,000 Jobs

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