Saturday, May 23, 2009

More Economic Issues

GM revamp under attack; Feds to cancel debts, inject aid...
FIAT already concerned for 'deteriorating' CHRYSLER...
Lawmakers want Obama to slow down on autos...



California faces its day of fiscal reckoning...

Florida's BANKUNITED Goes Bust; Year's Biggest...

Recession Turns Malls Into Ghost Towns...

Fed President Says Inflation to Increase...

Day of Reckoning for the U.S. Dollar

Alia McMullen

"By many measures, the U.S. appears just a few short steps away from losing its coveted triple-A status"

Fear of Crime and Things to Come

By William John Cox

Can we expect President Obama to be more respectful of individual rights than President Bush was? An answer can be found in his recent request for the Supreme Court to reverse its own 23-year-old decision prohibiting police from questioning a represented defendant until his lawyer is present.

Who is to Blame for the Tent People?

By Garda Ghista

This is America today. It is "poverty amidst plenty." That phrase is from the 1929 Great Depression. And in 1929 the police conducted the same sweeps that they are doing today across America. Is it not heartbreaking?

Over The Rainbow

By Stephen Lendman

The original Oz book conceals an unsuspected depth....(Although) a children's story, (it) delineated a Midwesterner's vibrant and ironic portrait of (America) as it entered the twentieth century," beset with serious flaws.

GM might still be headed toward Chapter 11: Despite a tentative pact with the United Auto Workers, Obama administration officials continue to signal that bankruptcy might be the best option.

Trouble Ahead: Millions of Mortgages Will Ratchet Upward Soon: "If the equity in your house is gone and your monthly mortgage payment suddenly jumps from $2000 per month to over $3000 per month, what do you think is going to happen?

Economy Down, But Cost Of Living Is Going Up

Warning - Shocking Debt Information

World Financial Steps Outside 60 Yr Cycle

Greenspan's Fears True - FL BankUnited Collapses

Libor's Plunge Could Trap Banks

China Faces Long Path To Dislodge Dollar

British Airways Hit By Record Loss

Emirates Airline Profits Plunge

US To Steer GM Into Bankruptcy Next Week

UK Car Production Dives 55% In April

UK GDP - Inventories Drop At Record Pace

Liddy To Stop Down From AIG

Burien - The Eureka Moment

Russia Dumps US Dollar As Basic Reserve Currency

GM Dealership To Fight Back - 'We Aren't Closing'

Gulf Currency Plan On Brink Of Failure

Japan Economic Decline An Awesome Warning

Asian Shares Fall - Fears Of Worse US Recession

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