Monday, May 25, 2009

More Economic Issues

'Oil to Reach $75'...


Early retirement claims rise sharply...


US Military chief: Iran wants nuclear weapons...
Farms downsize with miniature cows...

US Dollar Skids to New Lows, Expect it to Continue

By Jennifer Shotts

This week so far, the dollar has fallen 4% against the British pound reaching a new low for 2009, 3% against the euro and Japanese yen, and also against the Canadian dollar. With major price levels being broken, many banks are reevaluating year end predictions for the euro vs. the dollar to reach $1.50 or higher. Is this going to be the new trend of 2009, dollar's death spiral? Here's some reasons why many say its time to chuck the buck Continue

Are Investors in the US and Abroad Losing Faith in the Dollar?

By Mark Trumbull

Are US debtors, from the federal government to the cash-strapped state of California, going to default? Will the Federal Reserve resort to inflation — debasing the value of dollar assets — in its efforts to lift a debt-bound economy back to growth? Continue

Credit Default Swaps

The Poison in the System

By Mike Whitney

The question now is whether Congress will pull their heads out of the sand long enough to do the people's work and pass the laws that will re-regulate the system. There is a remedy, but it requires action, and fast. Without course-correction, the prospect of a derivatives meltdown gets bigger by the day.Continue

Obama Govt Borrowing 50 Cents Of Every $1 It Spends

Two Illinois Banks Seized - 36 On The Year

RBS Chiefs Handed £5m In Bonuses

West Facing Rising Oil Prices

Gold Bugs Have Their Perfect Trinity

US Grandma Offer Depression Era Recipes

Federal Reserve Cannot Account For $9 Trillion

Dollar's Demise Greatly Exaggerated

Loud Paradigm Shift Rumblings

Fear For US AAA Rating Pressure Dollar

British Airways Drops First Class In New Planes

Warning Britain May Suffer A Double Recession

Congress Attacks GM Revamp

Rising Debt Clouds Market Optimism

Economy Down, But Cost Of Living Is Going Up

Warning - Shocking Debt Information

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