Wednesday, May 27, 2009

More economic issues

The Next Leg Down

By Mike Whitney

Collapsing home prices and credit markets continue to put downward pressure on consumer spending, forcing the Federal Reserve to take even more radical action to revive the economy. Last week, Fed chief Ben Bernanke raised the prospect of further monetizing the debt by purchasing more than the $1.75 trillion of Treasuries and mortgage-backed securities (MBS) already committed. Continue

The Greatest Swindle Ever Sold

By Andy Kroll

How the Financial Bailout Scams Taxpayers, Subsidizes Wall Street, and Props Up Our Broken Financial System. Continue

Russian Gold Output Up 38% Jan-Apr '09

US Bonds Sales Finding Market Resistance

CA's Day Of Reckoning Is Warning For Europe

Tumbling Towards A Sovereign Debt Crisis?

British Banks Revolt Against Obama Tax Plan

Record Rate Of Decline In Economic Growth

70% 1st Buyers Lose Hope Of Ever Having Home

Beware False Dawns - Downturn Still Early

Saudi Warn Of $150 Oil Within 3 Years

Tokyo Aims To Halt 'Farmland Grabbing'

Porsche On The Financial Brink

German Exports Plunge

World Economy Stabilising Says Krugman (Huh?)

Mexico Oil Exports Plummet

China Warns Federal Reserve Over Printing Money

China Stuck In 'Dollar Trap'

Chill Wind Blows For AAA Rated Nations

Cold, Hunger, Job Losses - Unhappy Russians

Mass Firing Of Hollywood Agents As Recession Hits

UK Commercial Rents In Grip Of Recession

Africa Almost Giving Land Away

Obama Govt Borrowing 50 Cents Of Every $1 It Spends

Two Illinois Banks Seized - 36 On The Year

RBS Chiefs Handed £5m In Bonuses

West Facing Rising Oil Prices

Gold Bugs Have Their Perfect Trinity

US Grandma Offer Depression Era Recipes

Federal Reserve Cannot Account For $9 Trillion

Dollar's Demise Greatly Exaggerated

Loud Paradigm Shift Rumblings

Fear For US AAA Rating Pressure Dollar

British Airways Drops First Class In New Planes

Warning Britain May Suffer A Double Recession

Congress Attacks GM Revamp

Rising Debt Clouds Market Optimism

Economy Down, But Cost Of Living Is Going Up

Warning - Shocking Debt Information

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