Thursday, May 21, 2009

More economic issues

Fed Could Buy More Debt; Central bankers consider adding to Treasury, mortgage red...

Greenspan: Crisis Yet to End...

GMAC to Get $7 Billion From Gov't, Surrender Control...

Funds move to halt CHRYSLER restructuring; Indiana pension takes court action...

Credit Where Credit is Due

By Mike Whitney

Do people realize that the reason their home equity is vanishing, their 401ks have been slashed in half and their jobs are at risk is because Wall Street was gaming the system with leverage and financial innovation? The current downturn is not really a recession at all; it's more like a self-inflicted wound perpetrated by avaricious speculators who put a gun to the economy's head and blew its brains out. Continue

The Toll Booth Economy

By Michael Hudson

China’s central bank is now the largest holder of U.S. government and other dollar securities, it has become the main subsidizer of the U.S. payments deficit – and also the domestic U.S. federal budget deficit. Half of the federal budget’s discretionary spending is military in character. This places China in the uncomfortable position of being the largest financier of U.S. military adventurism. Continue

America's poor are its most generous givers: The generosity of poor people isn't so much rare as rarely noticed, however. In fact, America's poor donate more, in percentage terms, than higher-income groups do

Letter From A Dodge Dealer

Secret Meeting Of World's Richest In New York

Brazil And China Eye Plan To Ax Dollar

Don't Count On China To Rescue World Economy

Was The Bank 'Bailout' Even Necessary?

Capitalism At Turning Point' - Lord Mandelson

BoE Makes £1B Profit From Crisis Measures

Companies Face Higher Derivatives Hedging Costs

Australians Get $900 Checks To Boost Spending

Britain Sinks Into Deepest Deflation Since 1948

Asia Will Suicide If It Creates US Bond Crisis

US Poised For Finance Regulation Shake Up

Investors - Bull Market Has No Legs

Indian Stocks Halted After Singh's Victory

Lloyds Shareholders Profit From £4B Fundraiser

Rise In Use Of Drug Tests Fire Employees

US Backing For World Currency Stuns Markets

Get Rid Of The Fed - Purge The System

GM To Shut Over A Third Of All Dealerships

GM, Chrysler Dealership Cull To Cost 100,000 Jobs

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