Tuesday, May 05, 2009

More economic issues

White House: No bailout for newspapers!

NY TIMES union OK's 5% pay cut...

CITI eyes new ways to pay employees...

Stocks surge; S&P 500 turns positive for 2009...

Oil tops $54...

Home Prices 'May Be Lost for a Generation'...

MGM MIRAGE Profit Falls 11% Amid Biggest Las Vegas Gaming Slump on Record...

America: A Superpower No More

By Walter Rodgers

America's own triple-A rating, its superpower status, is being downgraded as rapidly as its economy. Continue

Study reveals true extent of 'old boys network' between Government and banks: The research looked at so-called "revolving door connections", when a company employs former or current politicians, civil servants or members of regulatory bodies, or where individuals move from the financial sector into politics, Government or regulatory bodies.

BoA & Citi In Last Push On Stree Tests

Berlusconi Faces Divorce Battle Over £4.5B Fortune

Boston Globe Facing Closure

Average UK Worker Pays £7.27 An HOUR in TAX

Longer Life Raises Bill For Taxpayers

Recession Fuels Big Rise In Financial Crime

Responding To The Triple Crunch

Barclays And Ghana Plan Tax Haven

Fiat In Talks To Buy GM Europe

Asia Establishes $120B Crisis Fund

Japan Offers $100B For Asian Economies

China, India Post Manufacturing Gains

Internet Pyramid, Ponzi Frauds, Schemes Rising

China Defies Depression - New Economic Superpower

Advertising Giant WPP To Chop 7,200 Jobs

Buffett - We've Been Hit By Financial Hurricane

ECB To Slash Rates To Record Low

Bank Objections To Delay Stress Tests

Study Shows Network Between Govt & banks

China Cuts Back On Buying US Debt

'Average' American On The State Of The Economy

Gold Isn't Going To $2,000

Company Failures Are Tip Of The Ice Berg

Flu Pandemic Could Wipe 7% Off UK Economy

Chrysler In Doomsday Jobs Loss Warning

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